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Our wood frames come in several stylish colours, with a high-quality finish whilst maintaining their natural look. Choose from oak frames, black wood frames, white wood frames, brown wood frames and light wood frames, all featuring a sleek and narrow profile. Our wood frames come with acrylic glass, a lightweight and durable material that lasts. They are opened easily from the back and can be hung both in portrait and landscape.

Wood frames for posters and prints at Poster Store

Find wooden frames of high quality at Poster store! We offer a wide range of wood frames in a variety of colours and sizes, fitting both small pictures and larger prints. Our wooden frames are made from the material Yellow Poplar, and they all come with acrylic glass - material that is lightweight and durable and will keep your prints intact for a long time.

Our stylish wooden frames are easy to hang on your wall, they are opened from the back and are prepared with attachments for hanging in both portrait or landscape. Our extensive assortment of wooden frames complement each other and you can with ease pair them together, or stick to one colour for a sleek and trendy finish.

Our wooden frames are all made from natural material, and are then treated to different finishes. Whether you like dark wood frames or prefer wood frames in lighter tones, we have a style for you. Match wood frames in different colours for a gallery wall with dimension, or stay with your favourite shade for a classic and uniform style.