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Cyber Monday at Poster Store

Cyber Monday is the finale of the Black Friday shopping weekend (and sometimes the week) and it’s when you can find products and services at bargain prices! The phenomenon of Black Friday originally only ran over the course of one day in brick and mortar shops with discounted prices and fantastic special offers. Cyber Monday served as the online answer to the brick and mortar shops’ sale day, and allowed customers to purchase products online at great prices on the Monday following Black Friday.

Over time, Black Friday has grown to encompass brick and mortar shops as well as digital purchases over a longer period – running from one day to an entire week. Unlike Black Friday or Black Weekend, Cyber Monday is a day of special offers and discounts mainly online, and, as a rule, only runs over 24 hours. Cyber Monday always falls on the Monday following Black Friday (the first Monday after Thanksgiving in the US). When is Cyber Monday 2023? This year, Cyber Monday is on Monday 27th of November.

Visit Poster Store’s website on Cyber Monday to see what deals you can get from us, or sign up for our newsletter to find out before everyone else! Take the chance to get your hands on things you missed or could not get on Black Friday – a poster (or an entire gallery wall!) is a present that can be personalised according to the individual and their style. Do your Christmas shopping on Cyber Monday or treat yourself and your home to something new with our trendy posters!